Table of resources on the rollout and migration to digital phone lines. New resources will be added over time. These are external links.

OFCOM (Regulator) – Upgrading landlines to digital technology – what you need to know
Sky – Sky’s digital phone line service is called Sky Talk with Internet Calls
BT Consumer – BT Digital Voice Migration FAQs
Zen – Zen’s Digital Voice Information
TalkTalk – TalkTalk’s Digital Voice Information (Not GA, under Trial)
Openreach – Getting ready for digital phone lines For my home or business
Openreach – Retiring our copper network
Openreach PSTN Closure Industry Information
Virgin Media – Your home phone is getting an upgrade
Openreach calls on UK businesses to check how they’re connecting ahead of the switch from analogue to digital | Openreach
Openreach to UK businesses: Switch is about to hit the fan. Prepare for withdrawal of the copper-based phone network now or risk disruption
Internet revamp for the humble landline | BBC News
Digital Voice and the landline phone switch-off: what it means for you | Which?
Age UK – Changes to landline telephones
The End of Analogue Phone Lines (Part 1)
By Michael Spalter
BT Digital Voice – Closure Of The PSTN
(Useful information provided my a BT Customer including tests of power usage and battery backups)
British Telephones – BT Digital Voice An overview
(Useful information provided my a BT Customer including tests of power usage and battery backups)
Andrews & Arnold – VoIP How to: Voice reinjection
(DIY: Wiring you internal extension phone sockets up with Digital Voice/VoIP)

External links and Information provided within them are for guidance only. Some of these links are unofficial (e.g provided by customers and users) and any results/tests/information maybe inaccurate or differ between situations/environments. 

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