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Telecare and Care Alarms

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What to do if you have you or someone you know has a telecare or care alarm

If you have or are aware of someone who has either a telecare unit, care alarm, personal pendant alarm, lifeline or any other medical device that connects to the phone line today then:

  • Contact the telecommunication provider that supplies the phone and broadband service making them aware of these devices and the current circumstances. This will help ensure extra checks and processes are put in place while they migrate you to the digital voice or landline service.

    It is advised to contact them in advance (even if they have not yet contacted you) and make sure they record this on your account.

  • Contact the adult social care services or provider of your telecare unit, care alarm, personal pendant alarm, lifeline or medical device. Ask them to check that the equipment they supplied you is compatible with a digital landline or voice service.

  • ⚠️ On the day of the move to a digital landline or digital voice service, your telecommunication provider with your telecare/care alarm/pendant alarm/lifeline/medical equipment provider should ensure that the unit and equipment fully work with the new digital landline or digital voice service.

Ensure back-up or alternative method of communication in an event of a powercut

Make sure the telecommunication provider and provider of your telecare unit, care alarm, personal pendant alarm, lifeline or medical device have put in place an appropriate solution to allow communication to continue in an event such as a power cut.

Read more about what your provider should be offering and our guidance around making emergency calls in a powercut 👇

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