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The bigger picture of what is happening in the UK’s Telecoms Industry Openreach are rolling out their Ultrafast full fibre infrastructure to 25 million homes and businesses by December 2026. As exchange areas reach a particular coverage of this service being available then a stop sell of copper based services will be applied to that area. This means that communication providers such as Sky, BT, EE, PlusNet and Talktalk (to name a few) will only be able to offer fibre based products and services. Find out more how Openreach are retiring their copper network at Virgin Media are also rolling out their own gigabit and full fibre networks along with many AltNets (Alternative Network Providers) There are three main programmes that go hand in hand in trying to retire the copper infrastructure. They are: Moving to all IP and VoIP/Internet Based fixed line voice services. The current PSTN is…

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