Digital landlines is still going ahead by 2025….

Digital landlines is still going ahead by 2025….

You may have seen articles and press releases from 29th March 2022 regarding BT pausing their Digital Voice rollout. This statement only applies to BT Consumer and what it means is the following:

  • BT Consumer, a communication provider, has paused their mass migration to their own VoIP voice service called BT Digital Voice to improve their migration process and to aid in restocking and providing more battery backup and other devices for vulnerable customers.
  • If you were already scoped into BT Consumer’s mass migration programme onto their BT Digital Voice service before the announcement on the 29th March 2022 you will still be migrated onto BT Digital Voice service.
  • If you’re a BT Consumer customer in a stop sell exchange, you will still be migrated to BT Digital Voice before BT Consumer’s mass migrations restarts. You can find out about stop sell areas at:
  • As a BT Consumer Customer you can still ask to move to BT Digital Voice.
  • If you are on Full Fibre
  • The industry and nationwide PSTN/WLR closure is still set for December 2025 with a nationwide stop sell in September 2023.
  • The other 600+ communication providers are continuing on their own rollout of their Internet based (VoIP) voice service and migrating their customer onto that.

It is advised that individuals use this time to prepare themselves before they get migrated onto their communication provider Internet based (VoIP) voice service. Find out more at:

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