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What is a Stop Sell of traditional analogue landline phone services?

From September 5th 2023 Openreach, the company that builds and runs the UK broadband network for over 650 providers including Sky, TalkTalk and BT is introducing a nationwide stop-sell of traditional analogue landline phone services.

How does Openreach describe a Stop Sell?

To help us prepare for the digital upgrade we’ll also stop selling analogue phone lines to new customers in a phased way by September 2023 across the UK which means in some locations where we’re building FTTP, we may stop selling WLR before that time.

We use the term stop sell to signify stopping the sale of certain copper-based Openreach products. When Openreach is planning to withdraw a product, there is an intermediate stage called stop sell whereby further sales of that particular product are stopped. This ensures that the total number of lines remaining on that product does not increase, so as to facilitate the subsequent withdrawal of the product.


What does this mean for customers?

This simply means that communication providers won’t be able to provide new customers with an analogue landline phone service. Instead they will need to offer a digital-based landline phone service when a new customer is taking a landline phone service as part of their package.

This may also mean you’ll be required to move to a digital-based phone service when renewing or upgrading your current landline phone or broadband package. Your communication provider will let you know if this happens.

How to get ready for the switch to Digital Landlines?

We’ve collated detailed information on how to prepare for the switch to digital landlines including some useful resources on how to make calls in a powercut to information provided by the regulator OFCOM and organisations for older people.

To get prepared visit our website:

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