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Businesses are you ready for the Digital Line Switchover?

Do you have any of the following?

Do these connect to your properties phone line today?

If so you need to get these upgraded today so they are compatible with Internet based voice services (Voice over Internet Protocol/VoIP). Sometimes this is also called Digital Voice or Internet Calls.

From September 2023 you’ll only be able to order an Internet based voice service from communication providers and mass migrations will commence to move customers off the current system (PSTN/WLR) used today.
The current phone system (PSTN/WLR) will be closed by December 2025.

What should I do?

Now’s the time to create an inventory of what devices and systems you use in your offices. If you provide products and services to your clients and customers you need to check to see if they’ll work, when lines migrate from analogue to digital ones.

You should contact your communication provider and providers of such devices you have or provide that connect to the phone line today to ensure they are upgraded and compatible when moved to a digital line.

More Information?

Openreach have provided more information along with industry info packs. Please visit:

See for more general information

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